Artist’s Statement

Stockmarr is a contemporary British Artist producing collaged 3-D artworks from old books and record sleeves, found ephemera and original photographs.

Currently she creates collaged art works that she defines in four distinct categories; Face Books, Picture Books, Collaged Record Covers and Alphabetical Encyclopaedias, all carried off with her signature playfulness and semantic irony.

Face Books are a collection of work poking fun at social media. By matching old photographs with suitably titled books, profiles are constructed, creating a library of invented friends of yesteryear. Apertures are cut into books with photographs and ephemera collaged within their pages. Narratives are composed to complete the picture! These assemblages of everyday archaeologies afford the viewer glimpses of stories or notions and her pithy profiles offer an alternative perspective of Facebook and the like.

Her Picture Books are carefully considered illustrated bookart. Taking the original book title as her starting point she collages in detailed layers with found ephemera, creating 3-D dioramas.

Collaged Record Covers take a nostalgic look at the charm of the LP. Her signature, playful, embellishments burst from original record covers, sporting the vinyls within.

Alphabetical Encyclopaedias are a recent addition, where encyclopaedias fall open on a specific page and subject matter. Illustrated with collaged ephemera, imagery chases from one aperture, over the page and into the other.

Each letter of the alphabet is to be illustrated. So far she has ‘A for Alphabet’, ‘B for Birds’ and ‘C for Children, seen and not heard!’.

With her extensive library of Book Art and Collages, she now produces giclee prints and exhibits work nationally and internationally.